Typerium & Steem Network Partnership: Blockchain Powerhouses Collaborate


At Typerium HQ, we’ve been busy tinkering away behind the scenes. But the time has come for a huge announcement, one that positions Typerium perfectly within the “It’s never been done before” territory.

We’ve partnered with Steem Network, and Steemit, Inc. The Typerium and Steemit projects have a significant degree of overlap, but instead of staying fierce competitors, we have decided to join forces and help build on each other’s strengths. This is great news for both of our communities.

It means that Steemit users will be able to use Typerium’s slick and intuitive creative design software. Typerium supporters also have a lot to gain, because they will be able to publish content straight from the Typerium application to Steemit.

Working together will enhance the visual content on Steemit, making it easy for Typerium users to post their content to new audiences, and helping to facilitate collaboration between users of both platforms.

“The team at Steemit is very excited to be working with Typerium. This strategic partnership will help to strengthen Steem, and our long term vision for steemit.com” said Elizabeth Powell – Steem, Managing Director.

By teaming up instead of competing in a cutthroat battle, both Typerium and Steemit will be able to free up some of their efforts and resources away from competition and redirect them toward building better platforms and fostering stronger communities.

The platforms will stay separate, so neither project is sacrificing its vision. Instead, we are working together to improve the experiences of both projects, streamlining the flow between platforms to help creators gain new audiences, and making it easier for people to view the latest and greatest content.

Typerium is still working toward establishing its own social media that makes it easy for creators to interact with each other and their audiences. The platform will allow them to like and comment on content, post updates to their feeds, subscribe to the feeds of other users, add friends, follow the work of other creators that they like, and send direct messages.

This functionality will be on top of Typerium’s core design software. The application will make it easy to create beautiful content, all without needing years of design experience. The intuitive design software is just one component – the Typerium platform will also use blockchain technology to protect the intellectual property rights of creators.

Typerium’s platform will include a marketplace where users can buy, sell or license their creations. The marketplace will be powered by the TYPE token, our project’s own cryptocurrency. We also plan to expand the TYPE token to major businesses and other platforms, allowing people to use TYPE wherever they shop.

The Typerium platform has a lot to offer, and our collaboration with Steemit only enhances its functionality. This move will help to improve the features of both projects, as well as enrich the respective communities of each platform.