Typerium Development Progress Report: Front-End / Back-End Update


We achieved a lot in the latest stages of development for the new Typerium platform. This progress sets us on the right track to achieve our development milestones, which will enable us to launch products, features, and functionality to the market right on schedule.

Our progress in the first two weeks included the successful coding of fully functional login logic that includes flawless navigation. Our front-end developer used the React Native JS framework to create this code. Using Reach Native JS will cut the project’s overall development time as we can use the same code when creating native iOS and Android apps.

Our back-end team was busy working away on the Typerium project too. They completed the architectural design, an essential stage in any successful development project. We will now use this design as a roadmap for the rest of the development, determining future updates and ensuring all key elements of the UX/UI are at hand and in place for development on time.

Our back-end team also created a GraphQL scheme. We went with GraphQL over the main alternative, REST, as GraphQL offers functionality and optimisation advantages.

Other successful development achievements of the project include the integration of TWILIO to allow us to provide phone verification functionality. We also completed the logic of all authentication processes on the platform, which is another crucial stage successfully achieved.