TypeCrash SRL: Brings you an exciting brand new online gaming experience


It’s been an extremely busy few months at Typerium. We’ve been getting everything into place to put us in a future position to compete with the likes of Adobe Spark, Pinso, and Canva. Amongst a huge amount of work on the platform itself, we have also undertaken the mammoth task of completely overhauling our entire brand, website, and showcasing exactly what we have been working so hard on during the last 12 months.

Constantly looking for ways to increase our community, today we are delighted to announce we have licensed ‘TYPE’ to TypeCrash SRL. This will allow for full integration of the TYPE token into their online gaming platform, providing a completely free brand new online gaming experience. TypeCrash will allow the Typerium community members to play games and win TYPE tokens, here’s the best bit… you can sign up and begin gaming with 100 TYPE Tokens absolutely free!

As a team we’ve always been forward thinking in looking for opportunities to grow awareness of the brand, and increase our growing community. By teaming up with TypeCrash SRL, this facilitates another avenue in which the community can come together to enjoy even more fun and entertainment. As you all know we believe in complete transparency which is why we’re developing on the blockchain. Teaming up with TypeCrash SRL is a great fit, because every transaction is visible and authenticated on the blockchain, providing a completely 100% fair system!

Oh, and just before we go. Let’s make sure we quickly cover the legals…

TypeCrash SRL Costa Rica has no direct legal affiliation with Typerium Limited and none should be construed. TypeCrash SRL is an independent legal entity in and of itself which resides in Costa Rica. Typerium Limited has licensed the use of its Typerium brand identity trademark, and the use of its TYPE token to TypeCrash SRL. All equipment, hosting, development, and servers of the TypeCrash SRL reside in Costa Rica and are run solely by TypeCrash SRL. This blog post is an announcement of a partnership only for Typerium Limited, and no “advertising” for TypeCrash should be construed.

The TypeCrash SRL website is not available to residents of the United Kingdom, Cambodia, United Arab Emirates, Singapore, Qatar, North Korea, Lebanon, Brunei, Japan, Cyprus, Poland, and more. Please check the TypeCrash website for more details.